What is IPEET?

The Integrity Plus Economic Empowerment Training (IPEET) program is a twelve-week, bible based program that seeks to return at-risk individuals and ex-offenders to positive social, relational, and financial living conditions through transformed thinking.
  • Moral Values Training – 8 weeks
  • Functional Thinking Training – 4 weeks
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Business Development Assistance

Transition Class

The IPEET Transition Class was created to develop a network of like-minded individuals for moral and spiritual support. The class helps students develop superior thinking skills and enhances their employability.

Job Placement and Follow Up

Although the IPEET program does not guarantee a job, upon completion of the class, participants will be forwarded to the program’s partner agencies for possible employment opportunities in the oil and gas industry.


Executive Director, Wilford Darden, Teaches the IPEET Transition Class








IPEET is a part of Jesus is Alpha and Omega Ministries
Our main campus is located at the Dignity Family Life Center, 2600 Chew Street, Houston, Texas 77020.
For a full listing of our campus locations, please click here