Our Mission


  • The mission of IPEET is to restore dignity and self-respect to individuals living in inner-city communities.  
  • IPEET helps individuals with adverse backgrounds (felonies or misdemeanors) or anyone who desires to function at a higher level in life.
  • We use a series of bible based teachings to help at-risk individuals move from a dysfunctional to a functional mindset that is self-accountable to economic production.
  • The classes teach coping skills to deal with dysfunctional issues that contribute to the reasons for past adversities.
  • The development of a superior thinking mentality combats entitlement philosophies that have contributed to the state of disrepair in urban communities.
Functional mindsets take ownership of their issues and work in truth, causing peace, order, and increased value in every area of life.  
Dysfunctional mindsets blame their struggle on external factors due to deceptive reasoning and poor decision-making, causing drama, disorder and decreased values in every area of life.