Campus Facilitator Freddie Oliver, in Iowa with Two Recent Hires

IPEET Transition Coordinator, Freddie Oliver,  in Iowa with Two Recent Hires

Applicant Information

This page is for those who want to learn more about participating in the IPEET Program. On this page you will find a program application, procedures for applying to the program, and the contact information you will need.

Class Schedule

Next Session Begins – Monday,  January 8, 2017 at 10 AM
Please note that none of the IPEET campuses distribute or have ever distributed TWIC cards for employment.


How to Apply

  1. Download the IPEET application.
  2. Complete the application and email it to the IPEET Application Coordinator.
  3. Call the main campus to schedule an appointment for an interview with the IPEET Application Coordinator.  
          You will also be provided with information about other campus locations.


There is no cost for the classes. However, you will be asked to pay $25 for the IPEET class manual as an act of responsibility and sign of your own personal investment and desire to grow. The IPEET class manual is yours to keep and will be used throughout the class. 

Contact Information

IPEET Application Coordinator
Rehnee Aikens
Main Campus
2600 Chew Street
Houston, TX  77020
Phone: (713) 784-6055
You may also come to the main campus office on Mondays or Wednesdays and ask to speak to the Application Coordinator.