Road trip to Corpus Christi

I recently had the pleasure of a road trip with six (6) gentlemen I am proud to call my friends.  You see, these guys have been around a minute.  They are a testimony, in and of themselves, that God is at work in IPEET and in the lives of all who come in contact with the program.  Every one of these six (6) men has been out on the road, taking advantage of the opportunity God has provided them, working for Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services (BEIS).  They are willing to go.  They are willing to be sent.  They are willing… even though they know the road will be hard and their commitment will be tested.  They will endure.  How do I know?  Because they have endured before.  The beautiful thing about this trip was the contrast.  When I first took this group to Mississippi, only one (1) of them had a vehicle, we drove the IPEET van, and we slept nine (9) people in a single motel room (fun, right?).  This time, we drove down in four (4) cars (didn’t need the van).  Instead of one room, they got three (3) rooms and slept one person in a bed (except for the unfortunate soul who agreed to let me bunk with him). They all had money for meals and tools.  They were taking care of their business, and I loved every second of it (I know this sentence ends in a preposition,, but this is a blog not a term paper).  Seeing the change that has taken place in the lives of these men, in less than one (1) year, is impressive and a gift from God.  Not only to them, but to me as well.
– Chip Morris